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Rick Blythe

My name is Rick Blythe, and I am the owner and principal author of Radio-Hobbyist.com, where you find my articles about ham radio and shortwave listening.

I received my amateur radio license in 1992 in Canada, and have the highest level of license one can attain (advanced with morse code).

Since August 2000 I have enjoyed building websites as a side hustle to my daytime job in IT.

The Radio Hobbyist blog began as a Blogspot blog as the platform was free and popular at the time. I have recently moved it to its new home here at Radio-Hobbyist.com This location has been in operation since November 2020 and I continue to this day to add content to the site. Be sure to also check out my complimentary YouTube channel to this site at: https://www.youtube.com/c/radiohobbyist

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Ancaster, Ontario L9G 3Z4
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