YouKits FG-01 Antenna Analyzer

Yesterday I received my new FG-01 antenna analyzer from YouKits. It came nicely packaged and quickly from the vendor, online in an eBay auction.

I had trouble at first because I did not read the eBay ad closely enough to understand that this unit needs 12 volts to run. I made the incorrect assumption that the supplied battery holder was for AA batteries – this is not true.

After contacting the vendor he explained my mistake and even offered to send me some batteries free of charge. A very pleasant surprise. I recommend this vendor!

All I had to do is plug the unit into a 12-volt AC adapter and it sprung to life. A small but beautiful color display is shown and the device immediately begins reporting on the antenna attached. No manual comes with the antenna analyzer, but none is really needed. Play with the buttons and you’ll quickly figure it out. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this toy as I love fidgeting with wire antennas and my Buddipole.

I recommend this inexpensive, yet functional antenna analyzer.


  • The assembled unit, is tested and ready to use.
  • Portable design easy to carry
  • Comes with a 14500 battery holder
  • Optional 18650 battery pack
  • 1-60Mhz automatic analyzer,
  • Easy operating
  • Color display with detailed information
  • Center freq step:1K,10K,100K,1Mhz
  • Scan width:10K-50Mhz in 12 step
  • Size: H 9.8cm x W 5.8cm x D 3.8cm
  • Weight: 250g (380g with battery)
  • New Antenna impedance scan function!
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