What is JTDX?

JTDX is a software application designed for amateur radio operators created by Igor Chernikov, UA3DJY, and Arvo Järve ES1JA. The software is freely available and can be used on any computer with a sound card. It is a great choice for operating FT8 mode, currently the most popular digital mode on spotting networks such as PSK Reporter.

JTDX supports JT9, JT65, T10, and FT8 digital modes for HF amateur radio communications. It is very similar to WSJT-X but it has different features and may have a performance boost over WSJT-X on HF.

Download the latest version of JTDX here

FT8 uses 8-GFSK modulation, includes forward error correction (FEC), and has an effective data rate of 5 words per minute. FT8 mode transmissions can be decoded at S/N down to -21dB (very weak signal). High power is usually not needed and most amateurs stick to output levels around or below 30 watts. Even with this power, worldwide contacts are still possible. It is important to keep your computer synchronized -0.2…+0.5 seconds to the network.

Additionally, JTDX is able to send signal reports to spotting networks such as PSK Reporter and integrates easily with Grid Tracker.

What is JTDX

  • The video is about operating JT DX and JT Alert with the Icom 7610 radio.
  • The presenter discusses the settings and screen captures on their website.
  • They mention using a USB cable for rig control with Ham Radio Deluxe logbook.
  • JT DX is connected with a CI V cable, and JT Alert is used for text messaging.
  • The presenter explains their settings and preferences for JT DX and demonstrates operating on a specific frequency.

JTDX is licensed under the terms of Version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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